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Brennan Morton

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Age: 31

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 lb

Hometown: Thornton, NH

Affiliate: NEPA CrossFit, Wilkes Barre PA

Region: South West

Contact Info: brennanmorton@nepacrossfit.com

Athletic Accomplishments:



Fran Time: 2:05

Helen Time: 7:45

Grace Time: 2:58

Filthy 50: 15:54

Fight Gone Bad461

400 Meter Run: 

5K Run: 19:30


Clean & Jerk: 275 lb

Snatch: 220 lb

Deadlift: 505 lb

Back Squat: 425 lb

Overhead Squat:

Max Pull-ups: 53


"I have tried everything on the market and nothing comes close to the attention to detail that SPN has put into all of their supplements.  There are a lot of products touting themselves as 'specifically designed for CrossFitters' but their nutrition is no different than any of the myriad body building products that have been on the market for the past thirty years.  SPN has obviously done their homework, speaking to experts and sourcing for true quality.  I truly believe in everything SPN stands for and I am proud to provide it to the athletes at my box.  FINALLY someone gets it." 

Brennan Morton was a team leader and scout sniper in a special operations unit in the Marines.  He and his wife own NEPA CrossFit in Pennsylvania.  Brennan took 128th in the world in the 2012 CrossFit Games open.

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SPN's mission is to lead, motivate and inspire health and wellness through all natural, high quality nutrition helping athletes live and perform to their potential. We wanted to share what our athletes do to help lead, motivate and inspire the community around them.

Tell us about your CrossFit journey.

My first adventure with CrossFit was while I was a Recon Marine sniper and Team Leader.  I was challenged to Fran and after thirteen minutes and much coughing, I was hooked.  After getting out of the Marines I got certified and opened my affiliate, NEPA CrossFit in Wilkes Barre, PA. 

What does being leader mean to you? Who have you looked up to as a leader?

My hero has to be Bobbi Rivera, my platoon sergeant for both of my tours to Iraq.  He taught us to train harder than life could ever be and that a sense of humor goes a long way when teaching anyone.  He never took anything with training lightly but always had a way of making everything 'fun'.

Tell us what motivates you? How do you stay motivated and how do you motivate others?

My clients motivate me.  Everyday I get to Coach people of every shape, size, and fitness level and I get to see them grow and become better than they ever thought possible.  Each new PR for them is a PR for me.  I go hoarse on benchmark and lifting days when people can really see how much fitter they have become by their own efforts.  Each of their achievements becomes a shared adventure.  They look up to their Coaches and we try to hold ourselves up as examples for them to follow.

What is the difference between being held responsible and accountable?

The difference between being responsible and being accountable is your own emotions towards whatever it is you are doing.  Being accountable is simply a function of your job or status but being responsible is an emotional investment.  When you are responsible you care on a level that being accountable does not even begin to touch.

What inspires you? What/who do you look to for inspiration?

Every day that my back hurts or my shoulder aches I just smile and think of Keith Zeier, who recently lost his leg after our convoy was struck by an IED.  Instead of giving in he has only become more bold and adventurous, never letting himself falter or feel sorry for himself.  He is an inspiration to me that no matter what life throws at you, never let it bring you down.

Describe your training methodology?

The Coaches typically WOD two times a day; one metcon and one strength/volume/skill WOD separated by about three hours.  We rest at least one day a week by usually two.

What are your goals for the next 1-2 years and how can SPN help you achieve them?

My goals for the next few years are two-fold.  On a personal leve,l I would love to get back to Regionals every year until I finally break.  My 'competitor' years are quickly coming to an end which leads me to my second goal.  I would love to put together a team in our region that travel to local competition to dominate and spread that good word about SPN products.  I have had the pleasure of Coaching Kevin 'Prodigy' Evans since he was thirteen and I would love to see his rise to the CrossFit Games eventually.  SPN has been an vital part of our training routine, fueling us usually three meals per day due to our hectic training/Coaching schedule. 

Three words that describe you?

Laughter, Camaraderie, and Teacher.

Thanks Brennan!