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Kevin Evans

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Age: 16 


Weight: 160 lb

Hometown: Wilkes Barre, PA

Affiliate: NEPA CrossFit

Region: Mid Atlantic

Contact Info:  kevinevans@nepacrossfit.com 

Athletic Accomplishments:



Fran Time: 3:06

Helen Time: 

Grace Time: 

Filthy 50: 

Fight Gone Bad

400 Meter Run: 

5K Run: 


Clean & Jerk: 270 lb

Snatch: 210 lb

Deadlift: 410 lb

Back Squat: 335 lb

Overhead Squat:




SPN's mission is to lead, motivate and inspire health and wellness through all natural, high quality nutrition helping athletes live and perform to their potential. We wanted to share what our athletes do to help lead, motivate and inspire the community around them.

Tell us about your CrossFit journey. How did you get started?

In August of 2009 my mom and I did our trial week at NEPA Crossfit. After completing it I continued crossfitting until October, but I stopped crossfitting due to sports. I started back at NEPA Crossfit in June of 2010, attending the Crossfit kids class. In late June I "graduated" from the kids class to the regular class. Then in July, my coach Brennan Morton gave me the chance to be an intern coach. I continued training through 2011 and tried out for the Open in 2012. I ended up 97th in the region so I came up short for Regionals. I have been training hard since then and I hope to qualify for Regionals this year. 

What does being leader mean to you? Who have you looked up to as a leader?

A leader is someone who should lead by example. They should be someone who people look up to. A leader should have goals and they need to be determined to reach those goals.

Since the day I walked into NEPA Crossfit, I have looked up to my coaches. Brennan Morton, Kyle Monaghan, and Mike Hurley have all helped me become who I am today. They all have goals set and a never give up way of thinking, which I think has been pasted on to me. They are determined to reach these goals, but they put others before themselves.

Tell us what motivates you? How do you stay motivated and how do you motivate others?

The thing that motivates me the most are the people at NEPA Crossfit. No matter what it is, I always have someone pushing me and cheering me on. I also always have the thought of someday making the Games which makes me want to keep pushing myself. I try to motivate others by encouraging them and keep them thinking positive about all their wods. At NEPA, we have a friendly competition which I think everyone loves and helps keep everybody motivated. Mostly during lifting sessions I need good music to get pumped up. There are a couple songs I call my "PR songs" it's probably more mental than anything but it helps me lift.

What is the difference between being held responsible and accountable?

I think when you are held responsible for something, you are more attached to what you are doing. For example, if you have to watch a sibling you would be responsible for them. When you are held accountable for something it's more of a job, like if your boss gives you something to do you will be held accountable for it. 

What inspires you? What/who do you look to for inspiration?

I'm inspired all the people that come into the gym and put in all the hard work. It makes it easier to push myself when everyone around me is suffering just as much as I am. I also look to the Games athletes, since that is my ultimate goal in Crossfit I look up to them. 

Describe your training methodology?

I follow the programming of NEPA Crossfit. I also try to front squat on Monday, press on Tuesday, deadlift on Wednesday, overhead squat on Thursday, press on Friday, and back squat on Saturday. I usually will do an Olympic lift and some type of skill work with the every minute on the minute style WOD.   

What are your goals for the next 1-2 years and how can SPN help you achieve them?

In the next couple years my goal is to make Regionals and eventually make it to the Crossfit Games. SPN can help me get there because some of the most important parts of training is recovery and nutrition. With SPN having clean recovery supplements, it will be a vital part to my success. 

Three words that describe you?

Determined, Dedicated, and Positive.  

Thanks Kevin!