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Matt Hathcock

hathcock-overhead-squat.jpg  hathcock-1.jpg  hathcock-kettlebell.jpg hathcock-front-squat.jpg


Age: 27

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 198 lbs

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

Affiliate: CrossFit Unbroken

Region: South West

Contact Info:   

Athletic Accomplishments:

2013 CrossFit Games - TBD

2013 South West Regional - 2nd 

2012 Outlaw Open - 1st

2012 Colorado Open - 1st

2012 South West Regional - 4th

2011 Colorado Open - 2nd

2011 South West Regional - 4th

2010 Colorado Open - 1st




Fran Time: 2:01

Helen Time: 

Grace Time: 1:14

Filthy 50: 16:15

Fight Gone Bad:

400 Meter Run: 0:57

5K Run:


Clean & Jerk: 345 lb

Snatch: 260 lb

Deadlift: 565 lb

Back Squat: 475 lb

Overhead Squat:

Max Pull-ups: 63



SPN's mission is to lead, motivate and inspire health and wellness through all natural, high quality nutrition helping athletes live and perform to their potential. We wanted to share what our athletes do to help lead, motivate and inspire the community around them.

Tell us about your CrossFit journey.

I began CrossFit in 2008 after finding a “Fran” video on the internet. I tried the workout and immediately fell in love. I became Level 1 CrossFit certified right away. In May 2009, I became Level 2 CrossFit certified and in June that same year opened my box, CrossFit Unbroken. I have competed in CrossFit since the 2009 Rocky Mountain Regionals. I really enjoy that part of CrossFit and have been very close to making it all the way to the Games.

What does being leader mean to you? Who have you looked up to as a leader?

My leadership philosophy is to lead by example. You cannot ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. I have always looked up to my dad as a leader. He is in the military and he leads exactly as I want to lead, by example. He is able to do everything he asks of his soldiers and often does. He makes them want to be better soldiers and they work hard for him. He is also compassionate when his soldiers screw up, but he is still stern and by the book. 

Tell us what motivates you? How do you stay motivated and how do you motivate others?

I am motivated pretty easily by my understanding of my goals. I know where I want to be in work and in CrossFit and that will motivate me to do what is necessary to get there. To motivate others, I just believe in them more than they believe in themselves. I push them to their limits and then they realize those limits are much further than what they thought. It’s awesome to see people realizing what they are actually capable of doing.

What is the difference between being held responsible and accountable?

The difference between being held responsible and accountable is that people are responsible for things like other people, material objects, and their own actions, where being accountable is about your ability to perform tasks correctly and righteously.

What inspires you? What/who do you look to for inspiration?

Being a Christian I am inspired by God and my faith in Christ. I find strength and discipline from the Bible and just try to glorify God in all that I do.

Describe your training methodology?

I am an Outlaw athlete with Rudy Neilsen so that is my programming. I work with Spencer Arnold for Olympic lifting. I eat Zone/Paleo, so my food choices are very clean, I do absolutely zero refined sugar and little to no starch. I use the Zone to properly proportion my meals so I know I am getting enough carbohydrates. I have been a much heavier athlete in the past so the Zone helps me manage my intake and my weight better.

What are your goals for the next 1-2 years and how can SPN help you achieve them?

My goals for the next two years are to continue to grow my affiliate and change as many lives as I can through CrossFit. And of course there is making it to the big show, the CrossFit Games. SPN has already helped me a lot with my athlete career by keeping my recovery from training on point. SPN is also responsible for my initial meet up with Rudy and beginning the Outlaw Way. I feel SPN can help me achieve my goals with my affiliate by continuing to be the best nutritional supplement on the market, something that I can pass along to my athletes and know they are taking the best products to increase their fitness and improve their lifestyles.

Three words that describe you and why?

Loyal, Determined, Compassionate. 

I stand for what I believe in with no regard for how it makes me look to others. I set my sights on something and do what is necessary to achieve it, and I do not let obstacles along the way do anything but maybe slow me down. I also seek to better everyone around me especially my athletes and I believe in them more than they believe in themselves and drive them to realize their true capabilities.

Thanks Matt!