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Juli Bauer


This is an excerpt from Juli Bauer’s www.paleomg.com blog titled “CrossFit and Simply Pure Nutrients”.

Ok now that I’ve bored you with my chatter about working out, let’s talk about supplements. I get questions all the time from my athletes and friends about what I take, what I eat before and after a wod, and how I recover. I’ve messed around with real food, many protein powders, bars, and all that jazz. Problem is, I’m not the die hard CrossFitter that ALWAYS takes my fish oil and ALWAYS has my post wod protein and carb. Maybe that’s why I’m not Rich Froning. Or maybe that’s because I have a vagina. Whatever. Either way, I drink my protein shake mostly because it tastes good, not because it makes me feel more recovered. It’s just delicious, especially after a hard wod. But every single CrossFitter out there says post wod meals help them recover, so I listen, and obey. I am trying to get huge so I’ll do what I need to do.

But the whole reason I don’t usually take my protein shake regularly is that I tend to get a crazy spike in insulin when I drink most protein powders. That’s because they are loaded with sugars. And make my stomach get pissed as sh*t. No pun intended. Ew. This was until I started taking Simply Pure Nutrients. It has been awesome and I can take it daily without feeling like I’m drinking pure sugar. The Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel is wicked good stuff. I usually take it right after a wod or at least within 10 minutes of finishing my workout. Especially on days I know I have to train again later.

I also sometimes get pretty damn hungry before most wods. Hungry to the point that my stomach is growling. Being obnoxious, like me. So Simply Pure Nutrients Pro3 Synergy Fuel has been awesome for my pre-wod shake. It has whey AND egg isolates so a bit of protein and then some carbs to help me push through a wod. It’s great. Trust me on this one. I’ll take it 15-30 minutes before a wod, usually while I’m lifting or warming up. It fills the tummy up just right.

Of all the protein powders I've tried out there, Simply Pure has been the best. Hands down. I honestly recommend it to anyone who has had issues with protein powders in the past or is just trying to consume all around cleaner products. Their brand quality is fantastic and has really helped me out through the first part of the CrossFit Open. Be sure to check out their website, especially for more of the science behind their products. Science just isn’t super fun to me. I just rely more on how stuff makes me feel.

Other than pre and post wod shake, I just take fish oil. And I’m not always good at taking that regularly. But I try my best to take 2-5 grams in a day, depending how crappy I’m feeling. I think fish oil is incredibly important and everyone should take it. Period.

Rob Barrese


"I have always resisted the mainstream supplement industry largely due to their lack of quality and regulation.  After being introduced to Simply Pure Nutrients I have come to enjoy the benefits of an extremely high quality product and improved performance.   Simply Pure Nutrients has allowed me to improve my training effort and intensity by aiding in recovery and reducing exposure to fatigue.  I take Elite Recovery Fuel before and after training sessions, which has allowed me to attack the work with more physical and mental energy.  I am a firm believer in the product!"

Rob Barrese, Strength and Conditioning Coach for SUNY Sullivan College Baseball and Basketball teams with the Basketball team ranking #3 in the nation in 2011. Master’s in Education, Crossfit level 1 and PSIA level 2 alpine ski instructor.  I’m the operator of Crossfit Vie and Owner of VieFit.

 Jon Moffitt


 "Over the years I have tried countless protein and recovery supplements without seeing any substantial gains.  I had a difficult time finding a product that matched my needs when it came to my CrossFit regiment.  When I first switched to SPN, I was simply blown away.  Hands down Simply Pure Nutrients is the best when it comes to post-WOD recovery and refueling.  I take the Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel in conjunction with the PRO3 Synergy Fuel on a daily basis.  Ever since I switched to SPN, I have noticed gains all over the board.  My recovery times are shorter, my endurance and stamina have increased and my overall work capacity has improved as well. Not only does SPN use whole, quality ingredients, but the product is made by CrossFitters for CrossFitters.  I am a true believer in the product and will continue to take the SPN line up as long as it is available!"    

Jon Moffitt, CrossFit Level 1 certified,  Mile High CrossFit Athlete  


Shannon Schoeborn

“I have been searching for a recovery drink that makes me actually feel like I am doing something better for my body. I have found it with Simply Pure Nutrients “Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel”. I don’t have highs and lows, I am able to workout that extra day and still push hard. I try to only change one thing at a time in my diet, so that I know what works and what doesn’t, with that said, I can only attribute the gains and improvements in how I feel on taking Simply Pure Nutrients “Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel” for my recovery.

Shannon Schoenborn, Owner, Mile High CrossFit, Centennial Colorado 

Brian Krueger

“Simply Pure Nutrients offers the best on the market. I have tried the Elite Athlete Recovery fuel as a mountain climber, snowboarder and endurance athlete and noticed an immediate effect on my performance. I have so much more energy and endurance because I am putting the right supplements in my body. I love the supplements. It has become part of my daily life. If you want a product line that supports performance then you need to take the products offered by SPN!"



John Jaramillo

"We at Simply Pure Nutrients have taken the most stringent measures to ensure the uncompromising purity of all products manufactured for us. We absolutely guarantee that none of our products contain any illegal anabolic steroid compounds, fillers, or substandard ingredients. We are adamant that all of our
suppliers of raw materials provide us with a certificate of analysis, clearly stating that all of the material has been tested for purity. In addition, we have gone to great lengths to source our ingredients
only from sources with the highest quality control standards. We stand behind all of our products without any reservations."

John Jaramillo